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Nestled in the historic heart of Williamsburg, Virginia, Griffin and Johnson Tax Prep stands as a beacon of expertise, extending warm, professional LLC formation services across the United States. Embrace the future of your business with our nationwide guidance, crafting your success story with the wisdom of tradition and the ease of modern expertise.

Embark on Your LLC Formation Journey with Confidence

The Griffin and Johnson Approach to LLC Formation

  • Step-by-Step Assistance: Our experts guide you through the entire LLC formation process, from choosing a name to filing the necessary documents, no matter where you are in the U.S.
  • Personalized Tax Consultation: Benefit from our tax expertise to make informed decisions about your LLC's tax status and obligations.
  • Ongoing Compliance Support: We provide year-round support to keep your LLC in good standing with annual report filings and more.
Why Choose Griffin and Johnson Tax Prep?

Steps to Start Your LLC

We know that every penny counts when you're running a small business. Our comprehensive accounting services will help you make the most of your financial resources, ensuring your business's success and growth.

Choose a Name for Your LLC

Your LLC's name is its first impression. We'll ensure it shines brightly, no matter where in the U.S. you're based.

Secure Your Agent

Our network of trusted agents spans the country. You'll have the finest representation, wherever you are.

Legal Foundations Prepared and Sent to the Secretary of State

We'll streamline your Articles of Organization, filing them with precision and care—coast to coast.

Custom Operating Agreements

Tailored like a bespoke suit, we'll draft an Operating Agreement that fits your LLC's unique structure.

Obtain Your EIN

Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or a growing enterprise, we'll secure your EIN with ease.

Tax Registration without Borders

No matter the state, we'll navigate the tax registrations and keep you compliant.

Ongoing Compliance

From licenses to permits, we're on top of it, keeping your LLC in excellent standing nationwide.

File Annual Reports

Annual reports? A breeze. We're your year-round partners in maintaining your LLC's good health.

Take the Nationwide Leap into LLC Formation

Begin Your Journey Today

Ready to set sail? Reach out to Griffin and Johnson Tax Prep, where your business aspirations become a reality. Dial (240) 624-0202, send a missive to, or chart your course directly through our Contact Form. From Williamsburg to every corner of the nation, we're here to steer your LLC formation to triumphant shores.

Our Company Goal

Why Choose Griffin and Johnson for Your LLC Formation

  • Expert Knowledge: Our team is up-to-date with the latest state-specific LLC regulations.
  • Nationwide Network: We have a network of registered agents across the country to represent your LLC.
  • Personalized Service: We pride ourselves on the personal touch we bring to each client interaction, ensuring your unique business needs are met.

Delighted by Your Feedback: ClientReviews
at the Heart of Our Success

At our agency, we believe that our strength lies in the satisfaction and success of our clients. Your reviews are not just testimonials to us; they are the pillars that uphold our commitment to excellence. Each piece of feedback is a story of how we've empowered businesses like yours to thrive and grow. Join us in celebrating these shared successes and discover how our dedicated team can elevate your business too.

Our Answers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Griffin and Johnson Tax Prep offers LLC formation services across the entire United States, regardless of where you're located.

An LLC provides personal asset protection, tax advantages, and increased credibility for your business.

The timeline can vary by state, but we strive to complete the process as swiftly as possible, often within a few weeks.

Yes, a registered agent is required in the state where your LLC is formed to receive legal documents on your behalf.

Typically, a physical address is required for the registered agent, but P.O. Boxes can often be used for mailing purposes.

It's a key document that outlines the ownership and operating procedures of your LLC.

Most states require annual reports and sometimes a fee to keep your LLC active, which we can manage for you.